Rugby, Rugby School
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Rugby School

Founded in 1567, it is one of the oldest and most distinguished colleges in the world. Renowned for being the place where the game of rugby was invented.

Age Range

10 - 17



Duration of Stay

15 Days / 14 Nights

Courses start

8/22 July


in most areas


Rugby, located in the county of Warwickshire,close to the River Avon is a city where ancientand modern come together. Thanks to itsintense commercial and industrial activity,the town is very lively and vibrant. Londonis only an hour away by train and about2 hours by bus. Birmingham, Coventry,Warwick and Oxford are also easily accessible.


Founded in 1567, Rugby School is one of the oldestand most prestigious schools in the world as wellas being renowned for being the birthplace of thegame of rugby. Despite its location in the middleof the city, the school is full of green spaces.

The buildings used during the courses are modernand have classrooms with interactive whiteboards,computer classrooms and a replica room of theHouse of Commons. On-campus, there are alsobars, a theatre hall, a spacious canteen, a laundryand an on-site infirmary from Monday to Friday.

Language Course

The course includes 15 hours per week instandard classes of max 16 students, withlessons alternating between the morning and theafternoon.



Single rooms with private bathroom.


Accommodation is in houses in single, double and triple rooms, each with a sinkand shared bathrooms, one for every four students.

Every house has a common room and social areas.

Sports Equipment

Facilities include a heated indoor pool, a multipurposegym, outdoor rugby pitches, tennis courts andsynthetic grass courts.

Free Time and Activities

  • 5 full day excursions:
    London including the London Eye with a late return,Oxford including admission to OxfordCollege, The Black Country Museum,Liverpool including admission to the Beatles’ Story and Birmingham with avisit to an Art Gallery.
  • Afternoon and evening activities

This programme may change for organisational reasons.

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