England and Scotland

Study Holidays in
England and Scotland

Learn English with a Study Holiday in London, Oxford, Cambridge and many other locations. Accommodation in college residences or with host families from accredited language schools.


Bath, University of Bath

University of Bath

A modern campus situated just a mile from a UNESCO World Heritage City.

11-18 College
Brighton, University of Brighton

University of Brighton

Study holiday in one of the most famous coastal cities in England on a campus 20 minutes from the center, equipped with canteen and gym.

12-17 College
Brighton, University of Sussex Falmer Campus

University of Sussex Falmer Campus

A modern university less than 15 minutes from the most important and lively city on the south coast of England, and only an hour from London.

13-18 College
Bristol, Clifton College

Clifton College

A classic English boarding school, renowned also for hosting the famous author Agatha Christie, located 15 minutes from the city centre.

8-16 College
Cambridge, Abbey College

Abbey College

Study holiday in Cambridge in a college about 15 minutes walk from the station and not far from the city centre

12-18 College
Cambridge, Cats College

Cats College

A Study Holiday in the city where the most prestigious university in England is located, just 20 minutes walk from the city centre.

12-18 College
Canterbury, Stafford House International

Stafford House International

An enchanting town in Kent, famous for its gothic-style cathedral and historic city centre.

12-18 College, Host Family
Canterbury, University of Kent

University of Kent

A campus surrounded by the greenery of the Kentish countryside and equipped with every home comfort, just 30 minutes walk from the city centre.

11-18 College
Cheltenham, Cheltenham College

Cheltenham College

A prestigious boarding school situated in an ideal location just a few minutes’ walk from the city centre.

11-16 College
Chester, University of Chester

University of Chester

A modern university situated 15 minutes on foot from the centre of a historic, Roman city.

11-17 College, Host Family
Chichester, Chichester University

Chichester University

A campus built in 1839 with historical palaces and modern facilities, which is a 10-minute walk from the town centre.

11-17 College
Colchester, University of Essex

University of Essex

A study stay in England on a campus surrounded by 200 acres of fields at short distance from the historic center of the town.

12-18 College
Egham, Royal Holloway

Royal Holloway

A study holiday 40 kilometers from London on a 19th century campus, surrounded by 135 acres of land.

11-18 College
Hull, University of Hull

University of Hull

Based in a college with both historic and modern buildings, located 10 minutes by bus from the centre of the UK City of Culture 2017.

11-18 College
Liverpool, University of Liverpool

University of Liverpool

An inner-city campus located 10 minutes’ walk from the centre of the birthplace of The Beatles, and the European City of Culture 2008.

11-18 College
London, Goldsmiths College

Goldsmiths College

An historic college, founded in 1891, 20 minutes from the heart of London and with many areas available for sports and recreational activities.

12-18 College
London, Queen Mary College

Queen Mary College

Part of the University of London and located next to the City of London, just a short walk from the nearest underground station.

12-18 College
London, Middlesex University

Middlesex University

Study holiday on campus located in the north-west area of the city with canteen and outdoor spaces.

12-18 College
London, University of East London Docklands Campus

University of East London Docklands Campus

A modern campus, brought to life by its interesting architecture, located in the Docklands area of London and with excellent connections to the city centre.

11-18 College
London, College of North West London Wembley Park Campus

College of North West London Wembley Park Campus

Study holiday in Wembley, London, with a view of the famous stadium. Common rooms, a cafeteria and canteen are available.

14-19 College
London, University of Westminster Harrow Campus

University of Westminster Harrow Campus

A safe and secure campus with a first-class design, connected to central London by its own, internal underground station.

11-18 College
London, University of Hertfordshire College Lane Campus

University of Hertfordshire College Lane Campus

A modern campus, immersed in the local countryside and just 60 minutes by coach from central London, complemented by a full activity programme which includes guided evening tours.

11-18 College
London, Brunel University Uxbridge

Brunel University Uxbridge

A modern campus, surrounded by countryside and well connected to central London by underground.

10-18 College
Manchester, Metropolitan University

Metropolitan University

Study holiday in one of the most famous cities in England on a campus 20 minutes from the center equipped with a canteen and common areas.

14-19 College
Nantwich, Reaseheath College

Reaseheath College

A college set within 330 hectares of beautiful parkland, woodland and farms.

11-16 College
Northampton, Bosworth Independent School

Bosworth Independent School

Study holiday in a prestigious school founded in 1897, located 10 minutes from the city center and surrounded by approximately 118 acres of green.

14-17 College
Oakham, Oakham School

Oakham School

Located close to Cambridge with green, open spaces and modern sports facilities, making it an attractive centre which is perfect for younger students.

9-15 College
Dorset, Osmington Bay

Osmington Bay

A campus which offers the possibility to try out a wide variety of sports activities, thanks to its enviable location and direct access to the local beaches.

8-15 College
Oswestry, Oswestry School

Oswestry School

A characteristic English boarding school surrounded by 50 acres of greenery and located in the center of a town on the border with Wales.

12-17 College
Oxford, Hartcourt Hill

Hartcourt Hill

A stunning college, immersed in the English countryside and situated just 10 minutes by bus from the centre of Oxford.

12-17 College
Petersfield, Bedales School

Bedales School

A study holiday immersed in the wonderful countryside of the South Downs National Park not far from London by train.

10-16 College
Reading, Leighton Park

Leighton Park

A boarding school founded in 1910 set in 65 acres of parkland and a short distance from the center of Reading and London.

10-17 College
Reading, Queen Anne’s School

Queen Anne’s School

A campus with historical buildings and ample green spaces, located little more than 1 km from the city centre and only 25 minutes by train from London.

8-16 College
Rendcomb, Rendcomb College

Rendcomb College

Study holiday in the Cotswolds. The school is surrounded by 230 acres of park with canteen, classrooms, multi-purpose gym and outdoor fields.

11-17 College
Rugby, Rugby School

Rugby School

Founded in 1567, it is one of the oldest and most distinguished colleges in the world. Renowned for being the place where the game of rugby was invented.

11-17 College
Uppingham, Uppingham School

Uppingham School

A typical British boarding school, founded in 1584, with both ancient and modern buildings located side by side in the surrounding greenery, and only a few minutes walk from the city centre.

11-16 College
Winchester, Sparsholt College

Sparsholt College

The most illustrious agricultural college in Britain, situated in the countryside and around 4 km from the former capital city of England.

9-16 College
York, Askham Bryan College

Askham Bryan College

A study holiday on campus immersed in the English countryside, just 4 miles from the city center of York.

10-17 College
Edinburgh, Edinburgh University Pollock Halls

Edinburgh University Pollock Halls

The campus is centrally located within walking distance of the Royal Mile and many of Edinburgh's attractions.

11-18 College
Edinburgh, Queen Margaret University

Queen Margaret University

A modern campus, furnished with every home comfort and within easy reach of the centre of Edinburgh, either by train or bus, in 10/20 minutes.

11-18 College
Glasgow, City of Glasgow College Riverside Campus

City of Glasgow College Riverside Campus

Just 15 minutes on foot from the city centre, the campus is housed within a state-of-the-art building opened in 2015 and located on the banks of the River Clyde.

11-18 College