Vacation Courses

Vacation Courses

Abroad group stays with group leader, in College or Host Family, for girls and boys aged 9 to 21. Certified language courses.

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What are Vacation Courses?

What are Vacation Courses?

Learning a foreign language has become a must nowadays. Vacation courses are a mix of classes and a rich programme to have fun, socialize and discover new destinations. This combination will make your experience unique.

Students can choose the most suitable formula for their needs, as well as their stay duration according to their availability and preference.

Different key figures are necessary to organise and make vacation courses successful.

The Group Leader is a fundamental point of reference for students, from their departure until they come back to Italy, always at their disposal for any need. In most cases, these expert and trained Group Leaders are language teachers, chosen for their inclination to live this experience with kids eagerly.

Constantly in touch with Master Studies Worldwide offices and with families, Group Leaders monitor and assist the groups during the whole stay.

But they’re not alone in carrying out this challenging task. They are flanked by valid collaborators on site:

Centre Manager

Coordinator of all the college figures. The Centre Manager is to solve possible problems in the centre during the stay.

Director of Studies

Coordinator of language courses and any kind of didactic activity. The Director of Studies guarantees the college teachers’ professionalism and the correct implementation of didactic programmes.


Qualified language teachers for foreign students.

Activity Manager

Director of the Leisure Programme and responsible for activity leaders’ coordination.

Activity Leader

Manager of social activities and sports out of class time. Activity leaders interact with students to make them keep learning the language even during leisure activities. They also lead students during excursions and local visits, but they are not tourist guides.

A team of experts at your disposal for successful Vacation Courses!

Assistance in Italy and abroad

Assistance in Italy and abroad

The ones who choose Master Studies Worldwide Vacation Courses can count on a staff of experts, always at your disposal and able to effectively and promptly assist you in every step of your stay.

  • Students and Group Leaders are assisted in Italian airports for all boarding procedures and for any need.
  • The group is welcomed in the host country airport by the foreign school staff who accompanies them to the chosen location.
  • During the entire period of vacation courses, the college staff and Group Leaders – always at the students’ disposal – monitor and supervise every activity for them to stay highly safe.

All passengers are provided with healthcare abroad and insured against accidents.



In College

Vacation courses with accommodation in college is the ideal solution for the ones who want to share this experience with Italian and foreign students in an international atmosphere. Different kinds of facilities are available: city campus, conveniently located in the city, colleges surrounded by nature and in some destinations hotels too.

Our students stay in single or multiple rooms. They can either have en-suite rooms or share bathrooms and showers on the corridors. According to age and gender, rooms can be divided on different floors or corridors, or even in different buildings, but always near the other group members’ rooms.

Students are offered full board and meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) are consumed in the self-service – unless otherwise specified – college canteen.

Lunch is packed lunch at weekends and during excursions.

In Host Family

Vacation courses in host family represent an ideal opportunity to live first-hand all the habits and culture of the host country, as well as a proof of the student’s independence and maturity. Host families are carefully selected by the foreign partner and they do not necessarily correspond to the “traditional” family model made up of a couple with children. It happens to be hosted by a single person, by an adult with a child, by a couple without children or by retired people who love hosting students.

During the day, didactic and leisure activities are carried out together with the rest of the group the student belongs to – under the Group Leader and the college staff’s supervision and responsibility – while evening activities depend on the family and on the chosen centre. Usually, the family does not accompany the student to school, so it will be nearly always necessary to take public means of transport.

Accommodation is in double or triple rooms, shared with other Italian or foreign same-gender students, according to availability. While booking, you can indicate your pairing preference but it cannot be guaranteed by the foreign partner. Students are offered full board: breakfast and dinner are usually consumed in host family, while lunch can be either hot lunch in college canteen or packed lunch, as better specified on the web page of the chosen centre. Students are asked to be polite, kind and respectful of the host family’s rules.

Vacation courses with Master Studies Worldwide, in host family or college, is a unique experience, wherever you go!