Summer Vacation Courses

Summer Vacation Courses

Group summer camps abroad, with accompanying staff, in colleges or with host families, from ages 9 - 18.

The courses, the schools and the teachers

The courses, the schools and the teachers

Master Studies pays particular attention to the preparation of language programs and courses offered to its students by its course providers. Therefore, all students must take an initial placement test, which not only determines their language level but helps the course staff to place them into classes which match their needs.

To further improve student achievement class sizes are a maximum of 16 per class. The teaching methodology uses all the latest materials and techniques, which helps to produce excellent results in language acquisition. All courses consist of 20 lessons per week. However, for specific details regarding course programmes please refer to the course brochure. At the end of every course, each student receives a certificate of attendance.

The study centres which we choose to use are all run by the country’s best-known language schools. The majority of these are accredited and recognised by the UK’s national accrediting bodies, like the British Council, Eaquals, Quality English, Eaquals, Quality English, ACELS, Felton, Fle, Accet.

All course teachers are highly qualified and have many years of experience in teaching the target languages to speakers of other languages. They are also selected based on their interpersonal skills and willingness to work with children and young people to help them develop their communication skills. These requisites are essential for a successful course.

The Method

The Method

It is not always easy to maintain young students’ interest for three hours or more a day, especially if they have just finished their school year in Italy. So, the main aim of the lessons is to teach and practice the language in the most natural way possible. Teachers actively encourage student participation to create a stimulating environment and increase confidence in their language skills.

All educational materials are carefully chosen and are used in classes to provide teachers with useful resources that arouse student interest and encourage involvement. These include a wide range of multimedia such as audio and video, authentic materials like newspapers, magazines, excerpts from textbooks as well as the input for communicative tasks.

The teachers’ contribution is also highly important in achieving successful outcomes in the lessons and a fundamental aspect of the study holiday. Therefore, all teaching staff are carefully selected and experienced in the latest teaching techniques.

Assistance in Italy and abroad

Assistance in Italy and abroad

Our friendly staff in our representative offices in Italy are always available to offer you expert advice and information when helping you choose your study centre. We also offer all the necessary support to guarantee the success of your stay. A few days before your departure, we will send you and the members of your group all the essential information regarding the trip. At airports and stations, there will always be a member of staff available who will take care of any formalities and be on hand to intervene in any unforeseen emergencies.

Overseas, Master Studies Worldwide Ltd employs a trained staff of professionals, all of whom, contribute to making the presence of our students abroad a highly secure one. All the groups are led by Italian escorts some of who are also language teachers. They are all chosen for their personal qualities and their dedication to spending time with and helping young people achieve their goals. They are also on hand to assist with any problems that may occur.

They have the role of monitoring and supervising the groups from the moment of departure until they return to Italy. To help them with this challenging task they are joined by our local partners.

The staff of our schools consists of the College Director, the Director of Studies, the Director of the recreational program, activity leaders and the highly qualified teaching staff. Together they implement a dense network of supervision that can handle both everyday problems as well as any unforeseen events. Finally, all participants benefit from emergency health care abroad and are covered by accident insurance.



In College

We recommend the college experience for students who want to live in an international atmosphere, integrate with students of other nationalities and can have fun while taking advantage, where available, of the excellent sports and recreational equipment. We have various types of facilities: from city campuses, characterized by their advantageous location within the city, to colleges and schools with lovely green campuses and parkland.

Accommodation is either in single or shared bedrooms, some with en-suite bathrooms and others with shared bathroom facilities. Depending on age and gender, rooms can be arranged on different floors or hallways or even in different buildings. Full board is provided with all three main meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) taken in the self-service college canteen. At weekends and during excursions packed lunches are provided. When in the accommodation the students are supervised at all times of the day and night. The Group Leaders and college staff also live in with the students to establish a rapport based on friendship and trust. This not only puts the students at ease but also the families ensuring a safe and pleasant stay.

Host Families

Staying in a host family means living the daily experience from a ‘full immersion’ perspective and really experiencing the habits and traditions of the foreign country. Students staying with host families have the option to share their room with another student either Italian or foreign of the same gender, depending on availability.

The service offered is full board because by having the opportunity to have breakfast and dinner together with the host family allows the students to get the chance to experience the host country’s culture at first hand. Lunch can either be a hot meal eaten in the college canteen or a packed lunch. However, for specific details please refer to your chosen centre’s page in the brochure. Host families have to undergo a series of checks before they can host students.

These checks are carried out by our local contacts in collaboration with the local authorities. Not all of the host accommodation is within walking distance of the colleges, but all are located in areas served by public transport. Students who choose to have this experience must abide by the rules dictated by the host family. The educational and recreational activities during the day are carried out with the group, while the evenings are at the discretion of the family and the chosen centre. A unique experience, wherever you go!

A unique experience, wherever you go!

Sports and free time Activities

Sports and free time Activities

Precisely because it is a study holiday, leisure and fun also play a vital role during the day. So, after classes, an intense program of recreational sports and activities starts. This is an essential part of the course because it helps to contribute to the success of the stay. The majority of our study centres are equipped with excellent sports equipment. Therefore, students have the opportunity to practice a wide range of different sports, such as football, basketball, swimming, volleyball, etc.

The subscription fee covers all the activities unless otherwise stated. All activities take place under the guidance and control of the Activity Leaders to ensure safety and minimise the risk of injury.

Programs vary from centre to centre so check the brochure to see what each centre offers. Activities can include barbecues, outdoor games, discos, theatrical performances, tournaments, debates, visits to museums, city walks, language films in the cinema or on video, international parties and much more.

Students get to choose from a wide range of activities that they will surely find engaging and fun. During the stay, there are both full and half-day trips some made using private coaches and some using public transport. However, rest assured because while travelling Italian and native speakers escort and assist the students making sure that everyone arrives safe and sound. The selected destinations are always chosen for their cultural, historical and tourist interest. Each centre has a specific program, indicated in the ‘Free Time’ section

Discover the world in flight

Discover the world in flight

Our study programs include travel with scheduled flights on national and other well-known airlines. The quoted prices refer to departures from Milan / Rome, as specified on the centre page. It is also possible to depart from all the other Italian airports, but this attracts an additional supplement (see page 96 for details). Trips by train or bus are also possible since the group quotation links directly to the number of participants so please request the final cost directly from our offices.

All transfers abroad, from the airport or railway station, are by bus and included in the subscription fee. On the day of departure from Italy, our representatives at the airport will take care of all the formalities.

However, we do stress that anyone participating in our study programs must respect the timings stated in the travel plans which are sent a few days before departure.

Two important exams to certify your English

Two important exams to certify your English


In almost all centres in the UK and Ireland, our students have the opportunity to take a Trinity College London certificate. The exam consists of an interview with an examiner, aimed at determining the student’s ability to demonstrate their English speaking and listening skills on a subject of their choice. The exams are at various levels and range from Elementary to Advanced. In those centres highlighted by the exam logo, the price of the package includes the cost of the examination. For those without the logo, there is an additional cost. To register for this option simply highlight the appropriate field when filling out the online registration form.


The Test of Interactive English (TIE) can be taken in Ireland and is run by the Advisory Council for English Language Schools (ACELS), which operates under the jurisdiction of the Department of Education and Science. The exam is recognised by the Department of Education in Ireland as well as by the Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR) in Italy. The TIE, therefore, qualifies for academic credits just like the Cambridge and Trinity exams. The exam is divided into two sections: an oral part and a written part and is suitable for students of all levels of English proficiency.

Trinity/TIE exam sessions run depending on the availability of the external examiners. This means that examinations could be taken any day during the stay. Each centre’s course director is responsible for communicating all examination dates and times. Please note, however, that Trinity/TIE exam sessions only run with a minimum number of students. Confirmation or cancellation of the exam will be communicated directly on site by the school, allowing for exceptions. If it is not possible to take the exam, Master Studies Worldwide will reimburse the dues already paid in September.

Those wishing to cancel booked exams may only do so if the request arrives no later than 10/05/2020. After that date, no refunds are possible. For both, Trinity and TIE exams the expiry date for the booking is strictly a maximum of 30 days before the departure date.

Exam fees: Trinity: € 130 TIE: € 100

Learning and working program<br>PCTO (Pathways to transferable skills and orientation)

Learning and working program
PCTO (Pathways to transferable skills and orientation)

The Budget Act passed by Parliament in December 2018 redefined the characteristics of the Learning and Working program (Alternanza Scuola Lavoro) as required by Law 107/2015 (‘Buona Scuola’). Pathways to transferable skills and orientation (ex ASL) involve not only students from technical and professional institutions, but also high school students.

Based on the new measure: (Ministerial memorandum no. 3380 of 18 February 2019)

  • Pathways of work-based training are now referred to as: ‘Pathways to transferable skills and orientation’ (PCTO);
  • the number of hours to be carried out has been reduced in the last three yearsAt least 150 hours for Technical Institutes (from the previous 400 hours expected)At least 90 hours in High schools (from the previous 200 hours expected).

The hours allocated for PCTO (ex ASL) can be carried out during a period of study abroad. The clarification regarding the MIUR memorandum of 18/03/2017 open the door to the recognition of the school program abroad as a PCTO activity, while the final decision on the matter remains up to the individual school.

In order for our students education to be realized in the most profitable and stimulating way possible, Master Studies Worldwide Ltd has developed the right educational strategy to facilitate their entry into the world of work.

With the support of our recognised and renowned partners in both Ireland and the UK, Master Studies Worldwide has planned projects aimed at these objectives, offering its students the opportunity to combine an experience abroad with this new study route in centres carrying the following logo.

All students participating in PCTO programs will receive a certificate to present to the school upon re-entry attesting the total number of hours that they have completed. Master Studies Worldwide recommends that you check with your school before departure for any necessary documentation needed for the final recognition of the experience.