Terms and Conditions of Insurance


In the event of death:€ 100.000,00
Permanent Disability Excess 2%:€ 100.000,00

Compulsory Insurance guarantees

24 Hour Call centre assistance :Si
Baggage and personal effects up to :€ 1.000,00
Reimbursement of medical expenses in Italy up to:€ 1.000,00
Reimbursement of medical expenses abroad up to:€ 8.000,00

Optional Insurance guarantees

Reimbursement of medical expenses abroad up to:€ 100.000,00

For third party claims

Assistance Pronto Assistance Servizi011.6523211
Medical Costs Pronto Assistance Servizi +39 011.6523211 – 800.883883
Cancellation or interruption of trip800.883883
Accidents+39 080.5242056

Cancelation Policy Section

The following guarantees are optional

Art. 01
Foreward/risk description

The Company in this section, within the following contractual terms and conditions, insures participants and/or users of the contracting party’s tourist services during the period of validity of this policy. Notification of the names of the Insured parties– as envisaged in Article 22 ‘Notification of the list of insured parties’ – must be carried out by the Contractor at the time of booking or at the latest within 24 hours of the confirmation of the tourist services purchased by the insured party.

Art. 02
Purpose and effective date of the policy

The policy covers the penalties payable from the insured party to the Tour Operator, within the limits indicated, if the insured party is unable to participate on the trip for any of the following unpredictable reasons at the time of conclusion of the contract:

A. Sudden illness, accident or death of the insured party, members of their family or of the partner/joint proprietor of the insured party’s company, or of the travelling companion if they are also insured.

B. Material damage resulting from fire or natural disasters affecting the assets of the insured party and requiring their presence in loco

C. The object of a court summons or convocation by a Justice of the Peace, occurring after the effective date of the policy.

D. inability to reach the place of departure following natural disasters.

E. Inability to take holidays due to new hiring or dismissal.

The policy runs from the date of registration of the trip and lasts until the moment when the insured party starts using the first tourist service provided by the Contracting party.

Art. 03
Limit of liability

The Company reimburses the cancellation fees charged to the Policyholder by the Contracting party within the maximum percentage forecast by participation in the trip in the limit of Euro 15,000 for the insured party and with the maximum limit for a single event of Euro 30,000.

Art. 04
Provisions and limitations

The operation of the policy is subject to the following provisions and limits of compensation:

1. If the journey is cancelled at a time after one of the contractually foreseen events occurs, the Company will refund the existing penalties on the date on which this event occurred (Art. 1914C.C.).The major penalty charge will be borne by the insured party.

2. If the insured party is temporarily registered for a trip with his family and/or other persons in the event of cancellation, the guarantee shall be effective, in addition to the insured person directly involved in the event and his family members, even for one of the travelling companions provided that they are also insured.

3. This includes pre-existing, chronic diseases whose recurrence or recurrence occurs after the date of registration for the journey.

4. Cancellations resulting from the inability to take holidays due to further recruitment or dismissal shall be included.

Art. 05

Exclusions to Supplementing and partial modification of the ‘exclusions common to all policies’ of the General Conditions of Insurance. The insurance is not valid if at the moment of subscription conditions or events that could cause the trip to be cancelled already exist and if the conditions of accession or of conduct in the event of an accident have not been respected. Registration fees are not insurable and will therefore not be refunded. Cancellations resulting from the following events occurring in the place of destination and leading to the cancellation of the journey are excluded: war, terrorism, socio-political factors, meteorological events, natural events, epidemics or the danger of such events. Cancellations resulting from:

  • subsequent work commitments, study or financial reasons
  • wilful misconduct and serious misconduct of the insured party
  • pathologies relating to pregnancy prior to the date of the policy are excluded

The insurance does not cover cancellations resulting from chronic, neuropsychiatric, mental or nervous health disorders.

Art. 06
Excess/percentage excess

The refund of the penalty is made on the basis of the policy terms and will be made after deduction of the 15% excess fee, calculated on the refundable penalty. This excess cannot be less than the sum of Euro 100 for the insured party. No excess shall be applied in the case of waiver due to death or hospitalisation in the same institution, lasting more than 5 days.

Art. 07
In the event of an accident

In the event of an accident, the insured party must scrupulously comply with the following obligations, under the penalty of forfeiting their right to reimbursement:

1. Cancel the reservation with the Tourist Operator immediately in order to stop the extent of applicable penalties. The cancellation must be notified however before the start of the booked services, even on public holidays, by fax or e-mail. In any event, the Company shall reimburse the cancellation fee on the date on which the event giving rise to the waiver occurred; If there is a higher penalty fee due as a result of delayed notification of waiver, the insured party will be liable.

2. Report the cancellation to the Company within 5 days of the occurrence of the event that caused the cancellation and, in any case, no later than 24 hours prior to the date of departure. The insured party must inform Unipol Assicurazioni S.p.A. directly by:

  • calling the toll-free number 800406858 active from Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 7:00 pm and Saturday from 8:30 am to 13:30 pm
  • or by fax number 051.7096551. The reporting date will be the date indicated on the fax

At the time of the notification of cancellation it will be necessary to make known to the Company:

  • name, surname, national insurance number, full home address and contact details in order to be able to effect any medical examinations and communicate any respective communications to the insured party;
  • travel and cover references such as: details of the insurance card or the name of the Tour Operator, expected date of departure of the trip to be waived and, where possible, a booking account or registration card;
  • a description of the circumstances which force the policyholder to cancel;
  • medical certification or, in the case of a guarantee not resulting from illness or accident, other proof of inability to take part in the journey.

Also, later (if not immediately available) must be provided in writing to: Unipol Assicurazioni S.p.A. Ufficio sinistri Turismo Via della Unione Europea, 3/B –20097 San Donato Milanese (MI)

  • tatement of account or registration form (if not previously provided);
  • the invoice for the penalty charged;
  • payment receipt issued by Tour Operator;
  • original medical certification; IBAN number.

Any reciprocal requests and/or communications relating to the management status of the casualty will follow either in writing or by fax. In any case, the requested documentation should be sent, exclusively in original, to:

Unipol Assicurazioni S.p.A. Ufficio Sinistri Turismo Via della Unione Europea, 3/B – 20097 San Donato Milanese (MI).

Insurance guarantees

Compulsory assistanceCompulsory
Reimbursement of medical expensesCompulsory
Baggage cover Compulsory
Cancellation coverOptional
Interrupted trip cover Optional

“Unipol Protected Travel” in collaboration with Pronto Assistance Servizi PAS operations centre.